Guruchela academic software

25th November 2020, Kathmandu

Guru Chela, a School Management software developed by Byte rays technology has launched on 25th November. The launch was organized virtually in presence of renowned personalities of the technology field. The main motive of this ERP school management software is to modernize as well as assist the way of management in schools of Nepal. According to the company, the school management software (ERP) will meet all general requirements for the proper management of secondary as well as higher secondary schools in Nepal.

This academic ERP aims to tackle the modern challenges in the academic sector brought upon due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Schools and colleges in Nepal are highly affected by it and are still facing difficulties operating in a full-fledged capacity due to the ongoing pandemic.

Also, this Software for the school management system is developed by various integration and consulting from experts from different fields. The Guru Chela school management software has various management systems such as academic management system, Exam management system, fees management, and many more. This school ERP system has various smart features such as a customizable interface, unique dashboard, advanced security system, multilanguage support system any many more. we are going to discuss more the features of this school management software below.

  • Product name – GuruChela
  • Developer– ByteRays Technology
  • Launch Date– November 25, 2020 (Wednesday)

Modules of GuruChela School Management Software

It is divided into three main modules:

  • School Management system
  • Learning Management system
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

guruchela academic erp

School Management System

Student information system

This system deals with various information of students such as

  • Complains and inquiry about students
  • Routines
  • Admission
  • SMS broadcast
  • Notification system
  • Academic calender

Library Management System

Similarly, this system deals with all the management for the library of the school such as

  • Register Membership
  • Book Availability
  • Booking Status
  • Search Books
  • Issue / Return
  • Notification

Report Management System

This system deals with report and attendance of the students such as

  • Billing Report
  • Exam Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Progress Report
  • Management Report

Billing System

This system handles all the internal as well as external financial billing of the school.

  • Due Billing
  • Hostel Billing
  • Monthly Billing
  • Transport Billing
  • Other Service billing

Learning Management System


This system looks after all the e-learning activities of the school.

  • Online Class
  • Attendance of student as well as teacher
  • Parents
  • Chat

Learning Material

This part is for the learning and learning tools for students such as

  • Subjects
  • Lessons
  • E-books
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Texts

Home Work

In this part, all the assignments for students are handled such as

  • Assignment
  • Homework
  • Project Work
  • Future Homework.

Features of GuruChela School Management software

  • Web-based and also available in Android and iOS
  • Customized interface with a multi-login module
  • Unique dashboard for different types of users
  • Branching system for schools and also departments
  • Supports multi-language as well as Unicode
  • Report analysis and billing also
  • Advanced security
  • User activities as well as log management
  • Supports attaching documents
  • SMS as well as an Email alert
  • Can be integrated with online payment gateway also
  • Export reports to Excel, Word, PDF, XML, as well as CSV
  • In addition download reports/materials

About byteRays Technology

Focused on innovation that provides customers with a state-of-the-art business solution, byteRays Technology qualifies as an IT service and business solution provider company. It offers web development, software development, consultation, as well as outsourcing services to companies worldwide. Similarly, the company specializes in industry-specific analytical solutions, custom software development, ERP development, and implementation, web-based software solutions.


Guru Chela School Management software looks promising and it is made in Nepal Looking at its features and its various sub-division of systems this software will assist a lot of educational organizations. Also, this is the right time for schools and colleges to integrate this software into their system and tackle the modern challenges developed due to the coronavirus.


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