Learn to code

We can learn anything as long as we have the will. While some of the things are learned from experience some things require resources and practice.

When we have a guide or something to instruct us, we have the motivation to learn. Schools and colleges today are not the only places to help us learn something.

The internet is a gallery of a wide range of information. Programming is one of the most critical parts of the field of information technology. It may be involved in our curriculum, but sometimes we want to learn additional to what we have been taught.

For this the tutorials, notes, videos, etc. can be found. Some of the resources to help us learn to code are:

keep kalm and love programming


Codeacademy is one of the renowned sources of Online Learning. It provides a platform for anyone to learn eight different Programming Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. It has interactive tutorials and helps us learn the basics of the Languages. The tutorials are easy-to-understand. It allows us to make groups and learn more effectively. And one of the best parts is that it is free and anyone can join.



W3schools also gives lessons on how to code and is more of notes kind. The instructions are simple, and we can even practice on the page as well. The Programming Language related to web development can be learned here; HTMLCSSJavaScriptPHP, SQL, and JQuery. It also provides references and examples. It is suitable for beginners. It is a free source.



Coursera aims as giving the best college courses online to the students. It affiliates with universities, and we can find many Computer Science courses from different schools. The classes are free.  It also provides exams and certifications, but we may have to pay for those.



Udemy is a handy site for both learners and instructors. It provides a platform for users to create a course and earn money. The directions are offered online to students at no charge or for some fees. Creators can upload videos, presentations, PDFs and also live classes.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy was created by Salman Khan. It first started with math lessons and now is providing tutorials on many subjects including programming lessons. The teaching is done through short videos and practice lessons. It has over 100,000 interactive exercises. It is funded by donations. It is free and claims that it will be free forever.


These are some of the sources that have taken an initiative to help people from all around the world to learn what they want to learn.

We can make use of these resources to enhance our knowledge and prepare ourselves for the business world.