Nepal launches online learning portal for class 1 to 10

10th May 2020, Kathmandu

Sikai Chautari, an online platform has been launched by the government of Nepal. The site provides online study materials for students of grades 1 to 10. Due to the long lockdown period, the Government has shown concern over the education of students.

Hence, the Education and Human Resource Development Center under the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology have launched Sikai Chautari.

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What is Sikai Chautari?

Sikai Chautari is an online learning platform for young students. Students can now learn their educational and creative courses from the comfort of their homes. The website includes interesting video materials, sports materials, and books on various subjects.

The content is widely distributed and contains interactive and engaging materials for students. Each grade contains different learning experiences.

The platform also has audiobooks, PDF Notes, and fresh visual demonstrations of learning.

Click here to start learning in Sikai Chautari.

Nepal adapting to COVID-19

When Nepal is not that far when it comes to the digital world of many countries. The scale may differ, but the capacity and the ability is intact.

COVID-19 has forced people to stay home and maintain social distance. The long duration of lockdown has not only affected the worldwide economy but also affected the studies and learning environment for students.

Nepal Government is taking measures with e-learning platforms for students so that with the help of the internet, parents, and students can stay involved with their study careers.

Private sectors, businessmen, and workers along with the Government are ready to adapt to the new normal and fight the Corona Virus Pandemic.

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E-Learning is actually a cost-efficient medium for both our teacher and student communities. The service providers don’t require huge physical infrastructures and buildings when they use e-learning platforms. Likewise, for students too, they don’t have to bear travel costs of going to and fro college.

Also, e-learning decreases the opportunity costs for students thus helping them balance their studies and earning opportunities together. This ultimately reduces the long-term costs a student would have to bear otherwise.


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