Fusemachines Launches AI-Enabled Education Platform - Fuse Classroom

25 April Kathmandu, 2020

Fusemachines Inc. recently launched a powerful AI-enabled education platform. The AI platform “Fuse Classroom” changes the way we look at the education process. It will provide an innovative online learning experience to students and transform educational institutions.

Schools and colleges are conducting online classes during the pandemic with limited resources. Obviously, it had become a necessity to continue basic studies due to an uncertain future. The educational institutes in Nepal could use some help from software companies to facilitate the learning process.

Fuse Classroom combines the latest Artificial Intelligence with smart features that empower students, instructors, and school management. Educational institutions in developing countries like Nepal will be able to make all their curriculum available online. Moreover, the platform encompasses the experience of an entire school or college in a different dimension.

Introduction to Fusemachines

Fusemachines was founded in 2013 and has offices in the USA, Nepal, Dominican Republic, and Canada. In fact, it launched its first Fuse AI Center for training and research in Nepal in 2019. The company helps empower AI talents in Nepal and provides AI solutions to organizations.

The community of Fusemachines has over 240 global employees and 200 engineers. The primary objective of the company is to seek young talents and bring them into the global market of AI. Their skilled team identifies the right strategies to help businesses become AI-enabled.

Contributions of Fusemachines in the Education Sector

Back in 2019, Fusemachines partnered with colleges in Nepal to teach AI courses under the initiative “AI Shikshya for Nepal”. Dr. Sameer Maskey, the founder and CEO of Fusemachines said that the mission of this initiative was to enhance the AI capabilities of the global workforce.

Fusemachiens Launches AI Education For Nepal

Therefore, the AI-based company partnered with extra colleges to introduce a world-class AI education track.

Read More: Fusemachines Launches ‘AI Shikshya For Nepal’ In Partnership With Colleges

Recently, they have introduced an AI dimension classroom keeping the wake of COVID-19 in mind. With the uncertainty of schools and colleges going back to their normal routine, the future of students is at stake. Fuse Classrooms may just be the perfect solution that brings educational institutions to the digital forefront in the era of AI.

This platform allows to track progress, answer questions, and recommend students who need support with courses. Furthermore, it facilitates the admission process and online classes.

“More than one year ago, we began building an education platform with the intention of helping schools to create a better online learning experience for students and recognized a need to help streamline core school operations beyond the classroom as well. In the wake of COVID-19, we have decided to launch Fuse Classroom ahead of schedule in an effort to support schools in their time of need,” said Sameer Maskey.

Final Say

The limitation in physical interaction has paved the path for AI-based applications and robotics. The world is in need of a solution, not only in educational institutions but for every sector possible. We might as well see AI shaping the global economy with the risk of the pandemic at a rise.

AI-enabled companies like Fusemachines have the resources to identify the solution to the economic crisis by minimizing human involvement. In fact, most schools and colleges in Nepal have already started online classes. They are conducting live classes through platforms like Zoom, Google Classroom, and Google Meet. However, these platforms do not compare to an overall learning management system.

Thus, Fusemachines may be up to something that transforms the way we look at the learning management system.

In our recent interview with Naresh Shrestha, CEO/Principal of Samriddhi School, he mentioned that he was expecting an AI-based learning system that is in development at Fusemachines. With the announcement of Fuse Classroom, it seems like the platform is already in demand.

Do you think AI-enabled applications will shape our future? Will the learning management systems really limit physical interactions?

Let us know in the comments!

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