InfoDevelopers MoU Mercantile Office System

25th January 2023, Kathmandu

InfoDevelopers a leading fintech and software company, and Mercantile Office Systems, a pioneering and leading IT company, today announced the strategic partnership to better serve Banking and Financial Institutions (BFIs) in national and international sectors.

InfoDevelopers Private Limited, with the merger of the Pumori Division of Mercantile Office Systems, will be officially known as ‘InfoDevelopers MOS Pvt. Ltd.’

InfoDevelopers, established in 2002 AD, is a leading fintech company that develops various Core Banking Solutions for Cooperatives and Microfinance.

In addition, its more than 300+ developers are engaged in various projects, and product and service development activities for the Government of Nepal, bank and financial institutions, INGO, cooperatives, and Microfinance.

Mercantile Office Systems Private Limited is one of the oldest and most pioneering IT companies in Nepal and its flagship Core Banking Solution – Pumori is the number one banking software in Nepal serving Nepalese banking and financial institutions as well as international banking institutions for over 32 years.

With this strategic partnership, InfoDevelopers MOS will be able to provide a digital ecosystem to Financial Institutions from cooperatives and microfinance institutions to commercial banks including development banks and finance companies.

This initiative will provide a high-level playing field for BFIs and their clients who will enjoy a wider range of innovative Core Banking Solutions.

InfoDevelopers MOS pledges that it is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for all clients and partners with a new and robust system to suit the changing digital landscape. In addition, InfoDevelopers MOS will introduce international standard new products and features very soon that leverage the combined strengths of both partners.

We are honored to announce that the company will be chaired by Mr. Sanjib Rajbhandari and will be executed by Chief Executive Officer Mr. Umesh Raghubanshi and Joint Chief Executive Officer Mr. Surendra Bajracharya.

InfoDevelopers MOS family is excited about this new chapter in Nepal’s IT and Banking sector and looking forward to serving with even greater capabilities and excellence.

Change may be difficult, but we are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for all of our customers and partners.

Date: 25th Jan 2023 Hotel Himalaya, Kupondole


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