Supreme Court Bar Association Website Hacked, Again?

Supreme Court Bar Association Website Defaced

24th June 2020, Kathmandu

A hacker or group of hackers by the name ‘Deadly Weapon’ has defaced the website of the Supreme Court Bar Association. The website shows the text:


In fact, it looks like the defacing is not limited to the index page, unlike some previous incidents.

Also, there are neither any mentions of motive nor any threats from the hacker(s).


DEadLY WeApon

The Supreme Court Bar Association is a Nepali bar association that comprises the practicing lawyers of the Supreme Court.

By the likes of it, the website contained information regarding lawyers’ profiles, the organization’s profile, and other materials. However, it is still unknown if the defacer has gained access to any sensitive data that could possess a major threat to the association.

This May Not Be the First Defacing of the Website

Since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in Nepal, the growth rate of cybercrimes are off the charts. Major incidents include website defacing and data dumps of service providers in Nepal.

Likewise, there have been multiple successful attempts of website hacks by Indian hackers on Nepali websites. In fact, this went back and forth between Nepali and Indian hackers for quite a while.

Read more here:

Now, we suspect the defacing of the Supreme Court Bar Association website may not be its first hack.

The website description on Google mentions the hack by an Indian hacker. However, this piece of information is missing on the defaced website. So, there’s a chance that it might be showing the info from the previous hack.

 Bar Association Nepal Website Hacked

Thus, we suspect that it might not be the first defacing of this particular website.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have any information on when exactly the site was defaced by the anonymous hacker.

We will update you as soon as we have any further information.

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments!

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