Nepal Rastra Bank to Operate via Messaging Apps

May 19, 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal Rastra Bank  to Operate via Messaging Apps, Staffs Work from Home

2020’s coronavirus pandemic makes companies and businesses welcome digital platforms at a fascinating rate.

Every day we come to know that companies in Nepal are shifting to the online generation. Now, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) is the new member to join the league.

The central bank of Nepal introduced a new guideline for its employees that facilitate “work from home”. In fact, the bank recently implemented a guideline named Service Operation Guideline 2077. This guideline has new criteria for organizing virtual meetings and operational works through messaging apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Group Emails.

Furthermore, the guidelines of the bank state that any department, branch, unit or office will be able to hold virtual meetings.

Moreover, the bank can also approve employees as ‘work from home’ as needed.

Most of the bank’s operational services will be carried forward through access to software for employees. The bank is making such guidelines to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

However, the bank has asked its employees to work from home to stay alert with their emails and telephone updates.

Due to the pandemic, many organizations have no option than to shift into digital platforms.


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