The Future of Android Wear with Youtube

There maybe rare people who don’t like to watch videos on YouTube. With the advancement in technology we have been able to watch videos that are upload in the server of YouTube with any devices that connects to the internet. Today’s devices like ipads, smartphones,laptops, desktops are the ones that help us connect to the internet and watch videos from YouTube without any hassle.
You tube videos are rendered according to the size of our device and we can even manually choose from the options. The main thing is we are in a new era of technology where everything can be learnt and seen through videos.
We can see the places we have never been to, we can watch anything from the news,  we can create our own videos and let others see with the help of YouTube. So much so we also get paid from the videos that we upload.
So there is no doubt that YouTube is one of the most desired place to be and place to share. Be it learning materials or messages to the whole world or some extraordinary talents you have, we can all be a part of YouTube with our shared videos. Even singers have their own channels so that people can enjoy their videos.
That is reason why YouTube has been evolving over the years. Its has been updating itself to fit in the new world of technology. From where it begun,it has now reached to a new level.
We get videos recommended by YouTube as per our request and views from the history which is also an advancement. However, devices that connect to the internet has also been increasing on a daily basis.
there was a time when people only used to have desktops but then came laptops, iPad, smartphones eventually making developers hard to make those websites and web app responsive on all the devices. The main problem they faced in that time was how to bring something that large into something that small.
But with hard work and dedication it was possible. Not only it was the result of that but as the technology got advanced, the ways got smarter too.
Now we can see another device that is emerging in the market also known for being smart i.e smartwatch. smartwatch are the new smart devices that have been gaining popularity in the recent time. With companies working on it with full dedication, other third party apps developers are planning to add a new feature to it.
That is you will be able to watch YouTube videos in the android wear itself. It doesn’t sound that cool because we like to watch videos on the big screen as we have the high demand of big TVs, big screen smartphones in the present date. But sometimes its good to have your smartwatch play some YouTube videos as well.
It might not seem cool therefore. But just in case you’re the adventurous type and are wondering what it really is like to watch a YouTube video on a low-res, circular (or square), and under powered device, you’re in luck. However, there might be other integration for the wear in the future.