'Time Card' Not Applicable To e-Commerce Services In Nepal

11th May 2020, Kathmandu

‘Timecard’ will not apply to the companies providing service through an online platform. Online services like Food delivery will resume operations from today.

The government introduced a ‘time card’ system inside Kathmandu Valley from Sunday to make the traffic systematic. But companies like Foodmandu, Foodmario, Gyapu, and Daraj were facing problems due to the new rules. The time allocated for vehicles carrying food and essential items was from 4 am to 10 am.

Time Card brings trouble to Online Food Delivery Platforms

E-Commerce companies like online food delivery platforms reported problems with the timings. When the government sets the time from 4 am to 10 am, people have to start ordering from 4 am. But that is not possible. According to Rohit Tiwari, CEO of Foodmario, it is not possible to deliver more than one or two orders a day at 7-8 in the morning. This problem is not only faced by Foodmario but also by all e-commerce companies.

Manohar Adhikari, the founder of Foodmandu, said that there was a problem in taking orders when the government puts a time card in the delivery of essential items. He said, ‘We deliver most of the deliveries during the day. But fresh delivery by 10 am is not possible.’

online food delivery platforms

The e-commerce entrepreneurs urged the government to facilitate the business with more flexible timing. They expressed concern that the government has ignored the contribution of e-commerce companies to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Lifting ‘Time Card’ on online food services

After considering the issues expressed by online food companies, the government lifted the ‘Time Card’ rule on e-commerce.

Online food companies like Foodmandu and Foodmario shared good news over social media.

Foodmandu tweeted it is ready to take orders and deliver to its customers.

Contribution of e-commerce during the lockdown

Doctors, Nurses, and Health workers are definitely contributing to preventing the spread of the virus. The online services providing essential items are also doing a massive contribution to society by making our life easier by risking theirs.

During this lockdown, raw materials, food, and medicine are most demanded supplies and because of e-commerce platforms, such deliveries are possible.

This lockdown is a time to reflect on our nation’s strengths and weaknesses. It is high time to decide for schools, businesses, and workers to adapt to the digital world and work on plan Bs in case of epidemics like the COVID-19.

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