Tips To Google Doc Users

Are you google doc user? Do you want to speed up your editing? Then don’t forget to read below.

1. Know your keyboard shortcuts

Find out all the keyboard shortcuts and use it as you can. This will reduce your time required.

2. Search the menus

Mousing through the toolbar every time you need to format a paragraph or change a font eats up a lot of time that can be reclaimed by this shortcut.

Click Help, and you’ll see a search field at the top of the drop-down menu. From here you can search all the lists in the Google Docs toolbar by typing in your query.

3. Personalize your dictionary

Spell-checkers are notorious for slowing down your writing workflow by red-flagging legitimate words they don’t recognize. Instead of correcting Google Doc’s spelling cop each time it erroneously catches a proper name, technical term, or abbreviation, white-list those commonly used words in your dictionary.

Go to Tools > Personal dictionary and add as many words as you wish. If you’d instead update your dictionary on the fly, click Add to Personal Dictionary whenever Google Docs mistakenly flags a word.

4. Add links from within your document

Web links are essential in most documents today, but the process of opening a new browser tab, finding the webpage, and copying pasting the relationship can be a speed bump, especially if you have to do it over and over again.

Google Docs harnesses the power of Google Search, so you can find links without ever leaving the page. Go to Insert > Link–or right-click on the page and select Link–and a floating box with two fields will open. Type your search terms in the bottom field–it works like any other Google search–then select your link from the results. Next, type the text you want to be hyperlinked in the top field, and click Apply. Your link is added, and you can continue with your document without missing a beat.

5. Resize your workspace

When you work on a laptop or other small screen, you sacrifice document space and have to spend more time scrolling up and down the page. Give yourself more breathing room with the Compact controls shortcut.