Too hot to be an engineer: I chose my career against marriage, Sovita Dahal


Every day we hear different stories regarding family, education, career, religion, gender and among others. All of us have our own story, success, and struggles. In this we too we are presenting a very successful story of Sovita Dahal.

Sovita Dahal is currently a software engineer. When Sovita thought of pursuing the course of engineering she experienced galore of problems. Her family was totally disappointed regarding her decision of pursuing an engineering education. Her parents, brother and the whole community was reluctant to support her decision.

In Nepal still, some of the family forces their daughter to get married at the age of 21 the same happened with Sovita.

“From the very early days of my school, I was fascinated by electronic stuff such as motors, transformers and LED lights. Later on, this enthusiasm turns out to be my passion and ultimately my career,” said Sovita.

There were only three girl’s students among the 35 students on her university course. One left, one got married and only Sovita was there to graduate.

“My parents had a perception that the tech field is only for boys so they did not want me to work in this sector after I graduated”, said Sovita.

Luckily she was able to win her family heart.

Sovita is also an active member of GDG women Nepal- a group that supports women working in the coding industry.

“Convincing to them was extremely a tough job. But now they feel very proud of me, respects my decision and they also motivate others girls to pursue their education in engineering”, added Sovita.

 Sovita also told, “I have no family [of my own] – I would not have had time to pursue my career.

“Sovita chose her career against marriage.”

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