TU to use software for financial transparency.

TU Central Bureau information management software system has been launched to maintain financial transparency.

To make all the financial systems digitalize and systematic the software has been developed. The installation of the software in TU shows the importance of technology in academic institutions.

The software was unveiled by TU registrar Dilli Ram Uprety. Regarding maintaining financial transparency Auditor General of TU has installed the software into 30 different departments.

“To uphold the financial discipline and transparency TU has started using the software,” said Uprety. Following a new system, if any department fails to audit internal and external transaction within time, their budget will be extracted, added Uprety.

Deputy Auditor General Bibeknanda Ghimire has requested all the concerned authority to follow TU’s policy and directive effectively. He also added the software would help TU to maintain its financial transaction reasonably.


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