16th April 2021, Kathmandu

The number of transactions processed by Connect IPS has recently increased. Connect IPS turnover in Falgun has increased more than in Magh.

According to NRB report on the current economic and financial situation, the highest turnover was reported so far in Falgun, 2077 BS.

As per data by NRB in falgun, the number of transactions by Connect IPS, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, QR Scan, and Mobile Wallet has increased than the previous month.

According to the report, the total turnover in February was Rs 6.17 billion, which is higher than the previous month.

During this time, Connect IPS was used 1.6 million times. The previous month, it was used 1.545 million times.

According to the bank’s numbers, the total revenue produced by Connect IPS in Falgun was Rs 110.57 billion. In Magh, the turnover was more than Rs 104.39 billion.


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