Two People Arrested For Spreading Fake Rumors Through Facebook

Two People Arrested For Spreading Fake Rumors Through Facebook

April 16, 2020, Kathmandu

Coronavirus has become a hot subject right now. People are continually searching on COVID-19 information online. As coronavirus has become a sensitive topic and small misinformation can create chaos, authorities are trying their best to minimize it.

On the same note, Police have arrested two men from Dang and Surkhet on charges of spreading rumors about COVID-19 through Facebook. Twenty-eight years old Deepak Neupane from Ghorahi Municipality residing in 14-Ghorahi Bazar and 36 years old Dharmaraj Acharya, residing in Birendranagar Municipality, 8 Kalinchowk were arrested.

Neupane was arrested from the District Police Office, Dang, when they found out, he was spreading false rumors through Facebook. Neupane posted that a coronavirus patient was found in Dang, which was not just misinformation but created panic among people of Dang.

Similarly, Dharmaraj Acharya of Surkhet has also been accused of spreading rumors through  Facebook. The reason being that he was spreading rumors about a new case of coronavirus was found in Surkhet. Acharya was arrested from the District Police Office, Surkhet, on Tuesday, on the same day when Neupane was arrested.

 According to the secretariat of the Inspector General of Police, the local Police are conducting necessary investigations on both the accused. We, as the public, should also be aware of what we take from social media and report the news that is fake and misleading.

A rumor is like a wildfire, and we have to prevent it from spreading before it is too late. Be safe and away from suggestions.


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