Victims Of Earthquake Now Troubled By Rain With Hailstorm

People who were frightened by the earthquake have now been shocked by the heavy rain as well as the hailstorm. People who were affected in the earthquake now have to face the woes of the hailstorm. It started raining with the wind in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur this Saturday. The cloud that was seen for some days in the valley was the reason for the hailstorm in Bhaktapur as well.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on Baisakh 12 (April 25, 2015)filled people with fear, destroying homes, historical monuments, and many infrastructures. Due to the frequent aftershocks and uncertain safety of the buildings, many people chose to stay out in the tents and open areas. It has been tough to live in tents as the rain creates a mess. The hailstorm had added more problem to those people. The ongoing hailstorms have damaged the tents the victims are staying in, and rainwater has entered and damaged the goods, and household items kept there.

Gorkha also the epicenter of the earthquake along with Sindhupalchowk are the most affected areas in the quake. These districts are also facing the problem of heavy rain.

According to the weather specialist, this type of weather is not going to stay for long. They have come to this conclusion by the help of the process and nature of the weather. However, in this challenging time where many people have been rendered homeless to face the hailstorm for even a few days will create more difficulties.