VIVO Extends The Warranty Of Its Smartphones In Nepal

Vivo Mobile Nepal Private Limited

April 12, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Vivo, a smartphone brand, announced that they had extended the warranty period for its product in the Nepalese market. After the widespread pandemic, Vivo shut down all of its service centers.

As the service center closed, the company decided to extend the warranty period for its smartphones. According to the company, the warranty for all the devices with its expiry date March 22 is now extended till May 23.

“In this critical condition, we are committed to our commitment and have added this warranty to our key customers in the wake of the COVID 19 Outbreak,” said Myers, the company’s general manager.

Due to the pandemic outbreak, the company has also postponed all its offline activities. They have also postponed their plans to launch new products.

Why is it better to extend the warranty limit date?

Vivo is one of the leading smartphone brands in Nepal. The number of Vivo customers is high in Nepal, so they can not risk losing their customers because of a pandemic outbreak. During the lockdown Vivo smartphones, users might be facing issues with their smartphones. This move of the company can help those users to fix their smartphones. These steps help the customers to be attached to their smartphone companies and help companies to grow in the market.


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