Project Ideas For Computer Science and Computer Engineering

The most common debate between computer field interested students is which would be the right and robust platform for building career, B.Sc.CSIT or Computer engineering? However, students of both B.Sc.CSIT and computer engineering can work in the same profession.

The most common thing in both courses is programming, computer implementation, and data structure, but I can say B.Sc.CSIT seems more promising for programmings. I am a student. Computer engineering is an engineering course and a B.Sc.CSIT is not you can find some differences. To solve the debate you can choose one of the course according to your preference or what you might want to learn. So let’s start with:

Computer Engineering

  • Computer engineering is the study of design and implementation of a computer. It is an approach to doing things partially.
  • It deals with all the primary subjects of engineering.
  • The computer engineer is responsible for partial implementation either its hardware or the software.
  • In computer engineering, you are going to learn about hardware, math and physics and also general engineering.
  • You get to call yourself an engineer once you get your degree.
  • Computer engineers look forward to a better design approach.
  • Some consciences of computer engineering are: computer engineering course has a solid theoretical base and internship is optional and project too. And Since computer engineering based more on academic part engineer have less skill, and thus they got fewer opportunities for the job.


  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology is a scientific course.
  • BSc.CSIT student is a computer programmer who look forward to coding parts.
  • In B.Sc.CSIT you are going to learn about the actual science behind computers, computing, programming and analysis of the machine.
  • In B.Sc.CSIT, the course has a solid base on practical.
  • The internship is must need in B.Sc.CSIT.
  • One of the worst conscious of B.Sc.CSIT Nepal’s students are that they are not allowed to be called as the engineer, and computer engineering student has better job opportunities since government invests lots of money into computer engineering course rather than into B.Sc.CSIT course. You can get a government job if you do Visitor computer engineering but if there is a vacancy announcement for a computer engineer you can’t apply if you are a B.Sc.CSIT student.

Both courses are great, they are well designed, and they are great for someone interested in technology. It is very likely to have different opinions, so take in all the information you can get and decide for yourself.


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