New Windows 10 Feature to Reduce Chrome Memory Usage

Windows 10 Feature

21st June 2020, Kathmandu

Google Chrome is a widely preferred internet browser. Users prefer to use Chrome because it runs in the Chromium engine! However, most of us have also noticed that Chrome eventually gets slower making the whole browsing experience, not much fun! This is because Chrome uses high memory.

The good news is that Windows 10’s new update, the Windows 10 May Update will reduce the memory usage of many apps, including Google’s Chrome!

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So How Does This Work?

The update works by using a “SegmentHeap” improvement. SegmentHeap is a modern heap implementation that will reduce the app’s overall memory usage!

Besides, Microsoft is already using this new feature in its browser, Edge. Excitingly, Microsoft Edge’s memory reduction is increased by 27% which is very impressive!

It is to be seen how it will affect the user experience of Chrome after they adapt to Microsoft’s new feature!

Meanwhile, we have a few tips below you can try at home to reduce RAM usage by Chrome.

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Tips to make Chrome use less RAM

  • Close unused tabs
  • Run a Malware Scan
  • Enable Hardware Acceleration by going to the setting, click on Advanced, there go towards the System and enable Use hardware acceleration option.
  • Remove conflicting browser extensions, and
  • Disable the site isolation feature.

We really hope that these quick tips can improve your RAM immediately and improve your Chrome experience.

On the other hand, we wish luck for Google and Microsoft both with their respective browsers, Chrome and Edge!

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