Women-led Information Technology Organizations in Profit

10th May 2020, Kathmandu

All 229 organizations with women leaders in management are in profit. These organizations are information and communication technology-based organizations.

The report of the National Economic Census 2075 released by the Central Statistics Office recently, shows that 229 women-led organizations are all in profit and a total of 3,167 women are practicing leadership in this field.

As per the reports which were made public last Tuesday shows that all those 229 women-led organizations in the Information and Communication Technology sector have managed to earn around 13 crores, 3 lakh, and 42 thousand annual sales each.

Similarly, the report also shows an annual expenditure of Rs 77,151,000 and a profit of Rs 16,191,000.

The overall Information and Communication Technology Industry have earned a profit of Rs 3, 09,000 monthly, out of which, the women-led organizations have sold Rs 1,781,000.

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Women in leadership

Gone are the days where men dominated the business market in Nepal. As the country develops in its gradual process, women have also gradually evolved and stood for themselves.

There are so many organizations that are devoted to empower women and to help them see dreams beyond the four walls of a kitchen. Constant and consistent and motivation, empowerment, and awareness, Nepal has finally accepted women in power.

As a result, 3,167 women are practicing leadership in the Information and Communication Industry alone.

Women have become leaders today in the fields they are working in. In modern Nepal, female leaders inspire young females to chase their dreams and to be fearless. Not just young females but young males also look up to these female leaders.

There are many women in leadership management in many top-class industry and organizations and young males and females look up to them as inspiration.

Skills for women in 2020

The year 2020 is very drastic and volatile. We are facing the Coronavirus pandemic and anything can happen overnight.

However, there are certain skills we think will boom post lockdown, and women can benefit from them.

  • Cooking: Home-based cooking has skyrocketed as of today. In fact, people will start wanting to consume more home-based healthy food. As they say, women are good at the kitchen; it’s time to earn from your passionate cooking.
  • Fitness Consultant: If anything, people in lockdown are starting to be more health and fitness conscious. What better time to help them by being their consultant? We all love to dance and groove, don’t we?
  • Fashion Designer: People are consuming more and more content these days and they get connected with emotions. Women entrepreneurs who are pursuing their clothing and fashion career are touching the hearts of millions and creating a loyal customer base.

These are some very fascinating and women dominated market right now. There are always limitless options and opportunities out there.

‘Let the women lead the nation.’


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