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Great news for every WordPress lover that a new WordPress camp also called Word Camp is going to be held on 17th March 2018 to 18th March 2018 in Karki Banquet Hall, Kathmandu. The WordPress Kathmandu 2018 would be the best learning and discussion hub regarding WordPress.

WordPress Developer and freelance SEO-Friendly Content Writer personally love it and have attended WordCamp to quench our thrust of WordPress issues and SEO Credentials. So hurry up to register for the WordCamp Kathmandu 2018.

WordPress Nepal

A CMS, WordPress is an open source common platform beneficial to create a beautiful website, blog or app providing an excellent insight into fulfilling the user business requirement. And it is also so compatible that every business users love it to handle, edit and update the content or information. So let’s ready for the camp to explore it.

In Short detail:

Venue: Karki Banquet Hall

Date: 17-18 March

Speaker Announcement for WordCamp Kathmandu 2018!

  1. Name: Tikaram Bhandari

Topic Title: Securing WordPress Themes and Plugins

Topic Description: The session will cover Common mistakes and the most common attacks on WordPress Sites. It will also include ways to prevent frequent bombings and errors from avoiding while developing WordPress Themes and plugins.

  1. Name: Sakar Upadhyaya Khatiwada

Topic Title: Soft skill toppings for spicing up your WordPress professionalism

Topic Description: The topic will include some soft skills that you will be required to add up to your hard skills for being more professional in your WordPress career.

  1. Name: Chandan Goopta

Topic Title: High traffic WordPress Sites Speed and Performance Hacks

Topic Description: The topic covers how to set-up a WordPress Site which has very high traffic (Millions of visits), tips and tricks on using and setting up various WP plugins, server configurations, and server-side tweaks.

  1. Name: Pratima Sharma

Topic Title: You should blog (Even if you’re killing it on Instagram and Snapchat)

Topic Description: A pursuit to get all those who haven’t hopped on the blogging bandwagon get started with blogging.

  1. Name: Chitra Raj Bhandari

Topic Title: Semantic SEO: Optimizing Web for Crawlers that Understand

Topic Description: Semantic SEO: Optimizing Web for Crawlers that understand SEO is a broad topic and has many facets to cover. He will also be focusing on making the site, and it’s content ‘understandable’ to search engine crawlers. At the end of the session, the participants will know:

  • Syntactic Vs. Semantic SEO
  • Types of structured data
  • Tools and resources for implementing them
  • Plugins/resources for WordPress

For getting more information about WordCamp Kathmandu 2018 speakers, visit this site: https://2018.kathmandu.wordcamp.org/speakers and don’t forget to register your form clicking on the top right corner of this particular website.


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