Never Search On Google

5th September 2020, Kathmandu

Google has become our go-to ‘friend’ for every other decision and confusion in our life. It has become our guilty pleasure to search for almost every trivial matter at hand. We are so prone to stumbling at google today that we aren’t a little bit aware of some bad consequences that it can have in our lives. Sometimes the result can be life-threatening and sometimes we might end up looking stupid and other times we can simply expose our personal data to the whole world and lose money and privacy. In this article, we have tried to list out 10 things that you shouldn’t search on google.

So, let’s begin!

List of things not to search on google:

Your symptoms:

Let’s face it! We’ve all been there. Even when we have a mild headache or a minor injury, we tend to fall back on google searches. When you think about it, it’s absolutely immature on our part to rely on some bogus website to cure our problem. We have suddenly forgotten that we have a hospital or medical center near our houses. So, let’s not forget that and just visit the nearest doctor possible instead of googling the symptoms.

Anything criminal:

Never do this, please.  Although out of sheer curiosity, you shouldn’t ever search for something like ‘drug smuggling’, ‘how to make bombs’, and so on. There are secret agencies and government bodies keeping a close eye on these activities. Some day you might end up on a database of criminal activities. They might also track your identity or IP Address.

Online Banking websites:

Unless you are sure of the bank’s official URL or website, do not enter your secret passcodes and information into a website. Do thorough research before diving in. It will have some really bad consequences.

Apps or software:

Today the internet is filled with all sorts of apps and software. Unless they are present in verified sites of the companies like Playstore or Apple store and likewise, don’t download the apps and software. It will hamper your data security and computer system.


It is completely dangerous to search for medicines or antibiotics from the internet without consulting a health practitioner. Do not fall into this trap.

Antivirus Apps and software:

There are plenty of bogus websites and apps that claim to contain ‘authentic’ antivirus software. But do not fall into their traps. Buy original and authentic ones from a certified and trustworthy source.

Shopping Offers:

You shouldn’t hunt for the free coupon codes or shopping offers randomly unless they are provided by some official site. There are plenty of scammers waiting for you!

Financial Advice:

Financial decisions are as crucial to us as much as health is. So, do not randomly ask any person you find on google for financial advice. This might end up being your worst decision. You should seek help from a professional in the field by doing proper research.

Weight Loss Tips:

There are tons of quick weight loss hacks on google which you might fall into. Those hacks can lead to very unpleasant situations. Consult a proper nutritionist or doctor for proper guidance in your weight loss journey.

Login from google:

Do not log in to any of your social media sites from google search. Do it from the authorized apps and browsers by directly entering the URL. It can have a great impact on your security. There are hackers and frauds all around you.

So, next time you jump into google for searching anything, think twice! This will save you from several unwanted consequences.

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