Easy Money Transfer Guide

5th September 2020, Kathmandu

You’re either in Australia, or you have a close friend or a family member in Australia. Either way, you’ve definitely wondered this; how to send money from Australia to Nepal, right? We are here to help you and walk you through the process so you can help others to send money from the Australian continent to Nepal.

Easy Steps to Send Money from Australia to Nepal

  • Choosing the right transfer service.
  • Set up an account and add in how much you want to send to Nepal and your recipient’s details.
  • Review the exchange rate both ways and fees before confirming. Make sure you get a good deal!
  • Send the fund to the recipient in Nepal.

How to compare money transfer services

Now there are tons of money transfer services available these days. With so many options, it can be overwhelming. However, here are a few tips to use to compare the best money transfer services, for you!

  • Exchange rates: These rates can vary on the money transfer service you choose. You’ll have to Google to get some good deal!
  • Pick-up methods: Most transfer services today provide cash pick-up offers. This can be useful if your family in Nepal doesn’t own a bank account.
  • Transfer Options: It’s a lot convenient if you can send money to Nepal online, over the phone, or via smart apps. Makes life easy! While choosing the service, make sure they offer multiple transfer options.
  • Transfer amount limits: You cannot transfer a big chunk of money at one transfer. There are certain limits. Make sure you know the money per transfer limit.
  • Customer Service: It’s necessary to know what customer services they provide. You’ll be transferring funds often and this process should be the least of your problems in Australia.

Now that you’ve understood what factors to look at for choosing the service, let’s look at the options.

Best Ways to Send Money to Nepal From Australia

Using a Money Transfer Company

Money transfer companies specialize in foreign currency exchange. You can send money to Nepal from your Australian bank account online. This method is normally the fastest way to transfer money.

You can opt for TransferWise. They are consistent and they show you the cost upfront.

To transfer your money they usually take 0 to 3 business days. They keep you updated with the movement of your fund.

Using a Remittance Company

Most youths prefer this format. They are easy to use, easy to transfer small amounts, and are very instant! You can send money from Australia to Nepal via bank accounts, cash pick-up, or by mobile wallets!

We’ve discussed some of the best companies in our list here which include popular companies like Western Union, MoneyGram, InstaReM, and Xoom!

These companies take 0 to 5 business days to send your money to the recipient in Nepal.

In the list above, we talk about the transfer limit they have, commission charges, and how fast do they transfer the money. We recommend you have a look!

Using Bank Transfer

Honestly speaking, it is pretty difficult finding a bank in Australia that sends NPR to Nepal. Mostly, you’ll find the banks sending USD.

Bank transfer happens on a SWIFT network or with an electronic wire or telegraphic transfer and sends the money between countries.

They tend to be expensive and slow compared to Remittance. Also, this kind of transfer takes around 2 to 5 business days. You’ll have to personally verify if the recipient in Nepal has received the cash or not.

We’re pretty sure that working abroad is not an easy task. Moreover, worrying about how you can send money back is just not fun. We hope this article has helped you to at least understand how to rate a money transfer service provider.

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