Bank Of Kathmandu Swift Code

12th November 2021, Kathmandu

Up to 20 % discount for customers of Bank of Kathmandu Limited at Apollo Polyclinic.

Bank of Kathmandu Limited and Apollo Polyclinic have agreed to provide up to 20 % discount to the bank’s customers when scanning and paying by scanning the QR code from the bank’s debit card, credit card, and mobile banking.

Under the agreement, customers will get a 20 % discount on pathology services provided by Apollo Polyclinic, a 15 to 20 % discount on diagnostic services, and a 10 % discount on pharmacy services.

Customers will have to pay using the bank’s mobile banking and cards to avail themselves of the discounts on these services.

Apollo Polyclinic has been providing quality services and facilities to the service recipients from MaitiDevi in Kathmandu Valley.


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