29th April 2021, Kathmandu

Hansraj Hulaschand & Co. Pvt. Ltd – sole Nepal’s authorized Bajaj Motorcycles distributor, has opened a new showroom in Balkhu, Kathmandu. The company has named their new showroom R.S.  Autohub Pvt Ltd.

By opening a new showroom of Bajaj Motorcycles in Balkhu. The company aim of providing well-equipped Bajaj Sales, service to their customers and spares parts throughout the country.

The company is always committed to providing the most service to its customers. Bajaj ensures that customers all over the country receive high-quality and timely services.

According to the company, the new showroom would make it easier for customers to buy spare parts and accessories for their bikes. As well as it will help to increase company sales.

Abhimanyu Golchha, Director of Golchha Group, said at the new showroom’s opening, “We are very delighted to open a new showroom in Balkhu.”

Our customer is expanding all the time, and it is our duty to ensure their full satisfaction and convenience. With the expansion of this new showroom in Balkhu, we aim to make life easier for customers while also providing them with the opportunity to experience new Bajaj motorcycles.


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