Price of Vespa Scooter

29th April 2021, Kathmandu

Vespa Scooter is very famous among the young generation. Each new generation of Vespa borrows from the previous generation’s features, while at the same time making their own unique contribution.

Duggan Brothers & Sons are the official distributors of Vespa for Nepal. Vespa is gaining a good market due to its outer cover and its engine capacity. It starts with a 125 cc engine capacity.

Currently, there are nine different models of Vespa Scooter available in Nepal. The most popular Vespa scooters are VXL 150, SXL 125, and SXL 150 in Nepal.

The cheapest model of Vespa Scooter is Vespa Notte whereas the elegant model is the most expensive Vespa Scooter.

The Price of Vespa Scooter nine different models are as follows:

 Models with Engine type            Price
 Vespa Notte 125 cc  Rs. 2,66,946
 LX 125 cc  Rs. 2,66,946
 VLX 125 cc  Rs. 3,16,946
 SXL 125 cc  Rs. 3,30,946
 SXL Matt 125 cc  Rs. 3,32,946
 VLX 150 cc  Rs. 3,59,946
 SLX 150 cc  Rs. 3,75,946
 SLX Matt 150 cc  Rs. 3,77,946
 Elegante 150 cc  Rs. 3,97,946



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