Metropolitan's Call Center

29th June 2022, Kathmandu

In one day, over 800 individuals called the call center. The contact center, which was officially opened on Tuesday, was inaugurated on Monday.

According to Nawaraj Dhakal, the metropolitan’s chief of information technology, over 800 persons made the call on Tuesday alone. The majority of the callers complained about garbage, potholes, and sewage in their neighborhood.

People also complained about the Covid vaccination card’s QR code. Some people who contacted the call center wished the people’s representative well and offered suggestions.

Some complimented the notion of a call center, while others inquired as to whether it was operational.

You can also dial 16600105511 toll-free for your problems and complaints. The call center can receive 15 telephones at a time and the CDR (call detail record) of the call will be kept securely on the server of the metropolitan.


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