Nepal Telecom selects VNPT for IPTV service In Nepal

28th June 2022, Kathmandu

NT TV, Nepal Telecom’s IPTV service, is now available on mobile devices as well.

Following considerable testing, telecom released a beta version of NT TV for mobile users on Tuesday.

It initially has only air-free channels for mobile users.

The NTTV app can be downloaded by  Android users from Here and by iOS users from Here.

  • After downloading the app, there are ‘login’ and ‘NTC login’ options.
  • Then go to the login and enter the mobile number.
  • Then tap on the ‘Verify’ option below.
  • An OTP appears in your message.
  • After placing the OTP card, tap on the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Then you can watch the ‘Free to Air Service’ channel.

What is IPTV service?

IPTV is a digital technology that provides Video/TV service over an IP transmission link. Earlier the video/TV transmission was through analog broadcast or channel multiplexing through cable.

With the introduction of IPTV, service providers deliver the Video/TV content through the IP (Internet protocol packets).


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