Citizen Pay Day Loan

5th June 2021, Kathmandu

Citizens Bank International Limited was established on April 20, 2007.

It is promoted by several personalities, business and industrial houses, and reputed individuals. And it is managed by a team of experienced bankers and professionals.

Citizens Bank Limited has unveiled a new loan facility called ‘Pede Loan’ for the convenience of its customers in collaboration with F1 Soft International.

The ‘Pay Day Loan’ scheme was unveiled by Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Ganesh Raj Pokhrel. He unveiled the scheme during a virtual program organized at the Bank’s head office DurbarMarg on June 4.

Customers who operate a salary account in a bank and make regular transactions in a savings account will easily avail themselves of the ‘Pay Day Loan’ facility.

They can easily enjoy the facility from mobile banking for a maximum of 30 days up to a maximum of Rs 200,000 without applying for a loan or submitting legal documents.

The bank is confident that it will get the maximum benefit from this loan facility to manage the expenses required by the customers.

 The bank believes that it will be popular due to its features like no collateral, no paperwork, no bank branch visit, and instant loan.

The bank has launched the ‘Pay Day Loan’ scheme to provide simple and easy service to the customers by making its services digital-friendly.


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