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1st September 2020, Kathmandu

Great News amidst the pandemic ! Ghar Parlour has now started an online Pandit Service for the upcoming Sorha Shraddha. The company has started the initiative concerning the need of social distancing during the Covid pandemic .

Sorha Shraddha is a 16-day long ritual observed by the Nepalese people where they pay homage and perform a special Puja i.e. Shraddha for the peace and prosperity of the deceased family members. It takes place just before the two greatest festivals in Nepali community i.e Dashain and Tihar. It falls in the lunar month of Bhadra (September/October).

The company is planning to conduct Sorah shraddha through online video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google meet and Hangout. The ones who want to get the online service need to connect to the service provider through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and its Website. You can also know more about their services by dialing the numbers 9801106677/9801106670.

According to Ashish Mishra, the co-founder, orders have started coming in mostly through phone calls and facebook messages. All the pandits have been booked within three days. Therefore, the company is currently having a hectic time scheduling new pundits for performing the shraddha.

A little on Ghar parlour !

Ghar Parlour is an initiative that is born out of the pandemic. It gives various home services to the people who aren’t able to go outside during this pandemic situation. They founded the company considering the pandemic which has been around us for almost 6 months now. The company initially started with an aim to provide grooming and beauty facilities to women in their homes. But now, the company has started undertaking various other services too. The services include Home plumbing, Home Pandit, Home Cleaning, etc. The company is based in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur.

The mushrooming of such platforms indicate that the pandemic has also brought in some upsides. Various startups and businesses are growing locally in our community. That’s great news ! Thus, we can say that the pandemic is not just negative; it has woken up the sleeping entrepreneurs in Nepali Youths !

Meanwhile, you can let us know how you feel about this initiative of Ghar Parlour? Write down in the comment section below.

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