18th July 2020, Kathmandu

The government of Nepal has extended the deadline for Smart Telecom’s renewal. Smart Telecom was liable to pay its eight installments for its license renewal on Chaitra 2076. But due to the impact of coronavirus, the company was unable to pay its dues.

The good news for Smart Telecom is that the extension period has shifted till Bhadra 2077!

This is in fact the second time the government is extending the deadline for Smart Telecom. Previously, the company was given a time frame of Baisakh end to pay its installments. But the economy was down and they were not able to clear their payment. The company requested further extension and now they have a safe margin till Bhadra.

Smart Telecom needs to pay an amount of Rs 1.25 billion to the government for its renewal. Will the company be able to manage such a big amount by the end of Bhadra 2077?

Also, the company is reluctant to pay royalties and fees on time to the government.

In a similar case, the Council of Ministers revoked the license of Smart Telecom and was revived back again by the Government of Nepal.

Do you think Smart Telecom can manage to pay its eight installments on the new deadline?

Share your thoughts about the company and your experience with them.

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