16th May 2022, Kathmandu

The famous integrated platform HamroPatro app in the country is about to start an online food delivery service. However, this company’s service is only available to Nepalese people residing overseas for their families in Nepal.

By linking Nepali restaurants to its integrated platform, HamroPatro would provide food delivery services.

Nepalis living abroad would be able to order food for their families back home. According to Rudra Pandey, the company’s CEO, the price of the food bought in dollars is paid to Nepali eateries in dollars via remittances.

Pandey claims that the company would not charge high commissions to restaurants in their early stages. HamroPatro intends to develop similar services for ‘grocery’ and school fee payments in the coming days.

Pandey has said that there would be no service charge imposed when Nepalis residing abroad purchase meals for any old age home or any sort of shelter.


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