7th December 2021, Kathmandu

IME Life Insurance Company has redesigned its Chatbot at the request of customers IME. The company believes that the new form of Chatbot from Life Direct will provide more and more quality service to the customers, agents and the general public.

It was the first life insurance company to offer services through Chatbot. IME Life Insurance has provided a chatbot service for one year. The company has brought a technology-friendly modified chatbot with additional facilities keeping in mind the changes in technology and the needs of the service recipients in a year.

The Chatbot has been made to run and facilitate the app by adopting artificial intelligence and digital technology to provide more facilities and make it technology-friendly.

In the past year, an average of 450 people have used Chatbot daily, and so far, about one hundred and seventy thousand questions have been answered by Chatbot. This also confirms that the Chatbot is extremely useful in today’s technology-friendly society.

The new form of Chatbot IME has been launched to provide the service recipients with reliable answers to the insurance-related questions and provide the service quickly and save them from the hassle of going to the office. Life Direct is a kind of IME office.

Phuyal, the company’s chief executive officer, said he was confident of establishing Life Direct as Life’s virtual office and serving as many customers, agents and the general public as possible.


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