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8th November 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom Authority has made publicly posted the MIS report for the fiscal year 2078/79 BS till mid-September.

By mid-September, 2021, the number of ISP clients has fluctuated like before.

Which internet service providers are in the top 10 in terms of the number of customers in September? Here is the list and the number of subscribers:

1. WorldlLink Communications Limited – 5,43,048

Mid-August – 5,30,778


Mid-September – 5,43,048


Increase – 12,270


 By mid-September 2078, the total number of subscribers of WorldLink Communications has reached 543,048. The number has increased by 12,270 from 530,778 customers in the previous month.

Out of the total WorldLink subscribers, 680 are wireless subscribers, 798 are cable subscribers and 5,41,570 are fiber subscribers.

2. Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. – 2,34,322

Mid-August – 2,27,946


Mid-September – 2,34,322


Increase – 6,376


 The total number of subscribers of Subisu Cablenet has reached 234,322. This number was 227,946 by mid-August.

In this regard, it seems that Subisu has managed to remain in second place by adding 6,376 customers in one month.

Out of the total customers of the company, there are 10,515 wireless subscribers, 21,515 cable subscribers, and 2,22,192 fiber subscribers.

3. Vianet Pvt. Ltd. – 1,60,607

Mid-August – 1,56,953


Mid-September – 1,60,607


Increase – 3,654


 Vianet, with a total of 1,56,953 customers, was placed in fourth place in mid-August, now has managed to come up to the third position by adding 3,654 customers within one month span. Now, Vianet has 1,60,607 customers.

All of these are fiber subscribers. There are no cable and wireless subscribers.

4. ClassicTech Pvt. Ltd. – 1,60,173

Mid-August – 1,59,031


Mid-September – 1,60,173


Increase – 1,143


Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd., which was ranked third in the list of top 10 last month, had a total of 159,031 customers till mid-August.

In the one-month period till mid-September, it has increased by 1,142 and reached 160,173. Among these, 1,59,359 are fiber subscribers and 814 are wireless subscribers.

5. WebSurfer Nepal Communication System Pvt. Ltd. – 74,042

Mid-August – 74,042


Mid-September – 74,042


Difference – none


With a total of 74,042 subscribers, WebSurfer Communication System was placed in the fifth position for two months consecutively.

Out of its 74,042, 2,791 are wireless subscribers and the remaining 71,251 are fiber subscribers. Web surfers also do not have cable subscribers.

6. TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd. – 66,599

Mid-August – 66,599


Mid-September – 69,913


Increase – 3,314


Headquartered in Chitwan, TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd. is still in the sixth position with a total of 69,913 customers.

This number is 3,314 more than the previous month. In mid-August, it was 235 lower than in mid-July.

Out of 69,913, 2,365 are wireless subscribers, and 67,548 are fiber subscribers, while the company also has no cable subscribers.

7. BroadLink Network and Communication Pvt. Ltd. – 46,218

Mid-August – 46,218


Mid-September – 46,218


Difference – none


BoardLink Network and Communications are still in the seventh position with a total of 46,218 customers. Among these customers, 165 are wireless subscribers and the remaining 46,053 are fiber subscribers. BroadLink also does not have cable subscribers.  This number is not different from the previous two months.

8. Dish Media Network – 29,443

Mid-August – 29,443


Mid-September – 29,443


Difference – none


The total number of subscribers of Dish Media Network, which is still at number eight in the list, is 29,443, the same as in the previous month.

By mid-July, the number was 17,964.

Out of these customers, Dish Media Network is serving all 29,443 people through fiber. It also has no cable or wireless subscribers.

9. Connect Nepal Network – 18,570

Mid-August – 18,570


Mid-September – 18,570


Difference – none


Connect Nepal Network, which is still at the ninth position in the list, has a total of 18,570 subscribers.

Out of these, Connect Nepal Network is providing wireless service to 60 customers and the remaining 18,510 people are being provided service through fiber. Connect Nepal Network has not provided service to any customer through cable.

10. Arrownet Pvt. Ltd. – 15,298

Mid-August – 15,298


Mid-September – 15,298


Difference – none


By the end of July, Arrownet was placed in ninth place with a total number of 15,769 subscribers. After adding 414 more customers by mid-August, Arrownet has been in the tenth position for the last two months in the list.

It also does not provide cable services but has 74 wireless subscribers and 15,224 fiber subscribers.

*This list is based on MIS data up to mid-September 2021, updated by the Telecommunication Authority of Nepal.


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