Investment Management Services

6th June 2021, Kathmandu

Investment Management Services (PMS) can be availed online at NIC Asia Capital.

The main objective of NIC Asia Capital is facilitating investors to get returns by investing in the stock market.

So, NIC Asia Capital has made arrangements for investors to apply for investment management services online.

 Considering the current situation created by the Covid-19, the services are made online.

Investors will be able to take short-term and long-term benefits as it is done by investing in the stock market.

The work can be done easily from home through NIC Asia Capital’s investment management service online.

Since a group will make the customer’s investment decision with good knowledge and experience in the stock market, it seems that the investor will get the opportunity to get a high return with less risk.

Customers who want to avail themselves of online investment management services can book their time for a custom virtual meeting for more information on NIC Asia Capital’s website or directly click on this link.

Also, to get the investment management service, you have to click on this link:  and upload the required details and documents. For more information about the service, contact Capital’s mobile no. In addition, it is said that one can contact directly on 9851121994.

Capital also believes that due to Capital’s online investment management service, investors can stay at home. And they can take advantage of the stock market by taking the investment management service easily in the current difficult situation.

At present, all the work is done online, and the situation is eased, i.e., after the ban is lifted, one has to go to the head office of NIC Asia Capital, Baber Mahal, Kathmandu, or the branch offices of Capital to complete the rest of the process.


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