IDP Card Printer

6th June 2021, Kathmandu

Buy Online Smart ID Card Printers from IDP in Nepal. The country is suffering from the Corona epidemic. As a result, all services are suspended except for essentials.

Due to a lack of workforce to treat patients during the Corona epidemic, various hospitals hire health workers.

In this case, it may be necessary to print an identity card for the new employee. An identity card is mandatory for health workers working at the forefront of the injunction.

To solve this problem, IDP card printers are available in the Nepali market. Sagar Group has been selling and distributing IDP card printers in Nepal for a long time.

Sagar Group is also the official dealer of Nepal. Sagar Group has 500 dealers across the country. Identity cards can be printed from IDP smart printer as fast as the organization wants.

Vijay KC, Sales Director of Sagar Group, said that special arrangements had been made to give special discounts to the health workers and other employees working at the forefront in this difficult situation.

“If someone needs an IDP printer card at the time of the ban, delivery will also take place,” KC said. IDP card printers are priced differently according to the model.

By connecting the IDP card printer to the computer, any organization can print the ID card they need. The software also has a pre-designed ID card format.

The card can be printed by editing those formats, and the ID card can also be printed in the format you have designed.

According to the company, it will save both time and money without going to the printing press to print an ID card. In addition, the company is confident that the internal logo, design, and data of the organization will also be protected.

From this, cards like plastic card printing, UV panel, lamination, rewritable, encoding can be printed, said KC. Moreover, as a support center is available in Nepal, support can be taken from the technician at any time.

The printed card has a high-quality photo, logo, and all the letters. It does color printing at 300, 600, and 1200 dpi. It prints 1 card at 20 per second.

It can print all-purpose identity cards (ID cards) from ATM cards for membership cards, banks, and financial institutions.

LED buttons are also available to operate this machine. IDP card printing is currently being used by the Tribhuvan University of Nepal, various government agencies, embassies, schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

IDP is one of the best brands in Korea. IDP is an ISO 9001 certified company. IDP supports new card encoding and decoding and support for contactless, magnetic stripe technology cards.


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