KTM Bikes Price in Nepal, Model & Specs

May 27, 2020, Kathmandu

The scene of motorcycles in Nepal has drastically changed in the last decade. From the first naked series of Yamaha’s Fz to KTM’s raw DUKE power, we’ve come a long way of competitive and speedy bikes. Not to mention, we’ve caught ourselves from searching for the best bikes price in Nepal to KTM bikes price in Nepal, have we not?

Summary List of KTM Bikes Price in Nepal

KTM Bike Name Price in Rupees
KTM 200 DUKE Rs 4, 99,900
KTM 200 DUKE (ABS) Rs 5, 24,900
KTM 125 DUKE (ABS) Rs 4, 49,900
KTM 250 DUKE (ABS) Rs 6, 39,900
KTM 390 DUKE Rs 8, 29,900
KTM RC 200 Rs 6, 14,900
KTM RC 390 Rs 8, 19,900

Without further ado, let’s find out why we are shifting our attention to the KTM bikes!

KTM Bikes Price in Nepal 2020



It all started with the number 200 from the KTM brand that changed every teenager’s perspective on bikes in Nepal. The 200 cc engine was loud, was naked, and was sexy. The head-turner like never before in the motorbike era in Nepal.

If you’ve ever ridden this beast, you know exactly how it feels. Power, Comfort, and Speed. This KTM 200 Duke was actually a Duke!

KTM 200 DUKE Specifications:

Engine Capacity: 199.5cc Gearbox: 6
Seat Height: 810mm Power: 25PS @10,000 rpm
Fuel Tank: 13 liters Mileage: 23 km/l

KTM 200 DUKE Price in Nepal is Rs 4, 99,900 and

The KTM 200 DUKE Price in Nepal with ABS is Rs 5, 24,900.

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The DUKE brand made so much noise with the youth of the nation that KTM came up with a 125cc KTM 125 DUKE! Now, this new young brother to the DUKE family is no different than its elder 200cc DUKE. It looks the same, it feels the same, and the only major difference is with a decrement in the price!

In short, the youths who weren’t able to afford a 200 DUKE could afford a 125 DUKE without much compromising. No wonder the KTM bikes price in Nepal search skyrocketed with this new entry-level bike!

KTM 125 DUKE Specifications:         

Engine Capacity: 124.7cc Gearbox: 6
Seat Height: 818mm Power: 14.5 PS @9,250 rpm
Fuel Tank: 10 liters Mileage: 46 km/l

The KTM 125 DUKE Price in Nepal is Rs 4, 49,900, and comes only with ABS!



To bridge the gap between KTM 200 DUKE and KTM 390 DUKE, KTM came up with a new line-up, the KTM 250 DUKE! In addition, this motorbike is the sleekest and the most refined version in the DUKE category in Nepal.

Adopting characteristics of both the 200 and the 390, this hybrid is for the highway riders who want speed with mobility and practicality.

All you need is one look at this beauty to see how premium it is and the passion of the KTM brand on building raw-powered naked engines!

KTM 250 DUKE Specifications:         

Engine Capacity: 248cc Gearbox: 6
Seat Height: 830mm Power: 30 PS @9,000 rpm
Fuel Tank: 13 liters Mileage: 30 km/l

The KTM 250 DUKE Price in Nepal is Rs 6, 39,900, and comes only with ABS!



Where do we even begin with this one? This existing 390 is an updated version of 390 with distinctive characters. Firstly, the large and fun tachometer and the twin headlights add an element of beauty. And secondly, the bike is smoother, faster, and more mature.

This naked speedster is the highest cc engine DUKE available in Nepal and undoubtedly won the hearts of all young Nepalese!

KTM 390 DUKE Specifications:                           

Engine Capacity: 374cc Gearbox: 6
Seat Height: 818mm Power: 43.5 PS @9,000 rpm
Fuel Tank: 13 liters Mileage: 23 km/l

The KTM 390 DUKE Price in Nepal is Rs 8, 29,900.

KTM RC 200

KTM RC 200

For years the Yamaha’s R15 models dominated the market in the sports bike segment. With KTM’s introduction of RC 200, they dominated not only the naked segment but also the sports segment!

KTM RC 200 is definitely a racer. It is aggressive and it is completely dedicated to giving you more power and speed!

Above all, you should take a ride in this beast and you’ll come out as a MotoGP racer! No kidding!

KTM RC 200 Specifications:

Engine Capacity: 200cc Gearbox: 6
Seat Height: 835mm Power: 25 PS @10,000 rpm
Fuel Tank: 9 liters Mileage: 25 km/l

The KTM RC 200 Price in Nepal is Rs 6, 14,900.

KTM RC 390

KTM RC 390

Is this the everyday commuter? The RC 390 may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This bike is a monster that demands speed. More aggressive and more powerful, RC 390 is a power-packed proper sports machine that every bike lover’s dream ride.

KTM RC 390 Specifications:

Engine Capacity: 373.3cc Gearbox: 6
Seat Height: 820mm Power: 43.5 PS @9,000 rpm
Fuel Tank: 9 liters Mileage: 20 km/l

KTM RC 390 Price in Nepal is Rs 8, 19,900.

Meanwhile, we hope we’ve covered the basics here regarding the KTM Bikes Price in Nepal with its basic Specs. Are you ready to race? Are you ready to commit to becoming a KTM Rider?

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