1st March 2016, Kathmandu

Ransom-ware is one of the computer virus or malware that locks the computers files and demand money to return their records.

It is one of the growing threads for mobile as it can be hidden in mobile apps. Mobile apps are one of the best loops holes for virus infection nowadays. Or it may be exchanged through a drive-by download. To avoid threads, the user should be aware and careful about what they are downloading and which app they are installing and where they came from and check for trusted source and review of the app store.

How does it work?

Like other computer viruses it also may arrive at the computer in the form of spam or phishing email or fake software update and attempt the clicks or open as an attachment. The virus starts to work encrypting the user’s data.

Once the computer is locked down it, demands the charge or fee to unlock. According to security it often requires bitcoins because it is not easy to trace and the value of bitcoins is more now the value of bitcoin is 1-bitcoin =$500.

Sometimes it just threads, but generally, virus encrypts the files. There is no way to retrieve the data without paying the ransom, but there is no guarantee the only a way to got data back is go to the backup copy.