Mobile Internet in Nepal is South Asia’s Priciest!

Mobile Internet in Nepal is South Asia's Priciest

May 21, 2020, Kathmandu

Mobile users in Nepal have increased with a dependency on the Internet. It is no surprise that Nepalese people use both Wi-Fi and extensive mobile data to consume internet content.

In a recent report published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on mobile data and voice pricing, Nepal ranked at 110th position out of 183 countries in the world.

This report is performed with the cheapest internet providing countries ranked at the top and most expensive internet services ranking at the bottom. Nepal ranking at a 110th position is a clear indication that its internet services are very expensive.

If we compare the world ranking only into South Asian countries, Nepal ranks second on the most expensive mobile internet. Afghanistan in South Asia is the most expensive internet provider. The mobile data used in Afghanistan is up to 9.2 percent of its per capita income (PCI).

Meanwhile, in Nepal, the per capita spending on mobile internet is up to 2.8 percent. On the other hand, Sri Lanka ranks as the cheapest mobile internet provider in South Asian countries. The mobile data spent on Sri Lanka is only o.6 percent of per capita income.

Additionally, Sri Lanka ranks in the 29th position in the worldwide scenario which is still a great achievement. Pakistan stands at the 37th position while India stands at 49th position in the world.

India spends 0.9 percent of per capita income on mobile data. Likewise, Bhutan standing at 68th position spends 1.1 percent.

Luxembourg is the world’s cheapest mobile data provider, ranking at 1st position, and spending only 0.2 percent of its per capita income. In contrast, Congo represents the most expensive mobile data in the world. Users in Congo have to spend a massive 61.2 percent of their per capita income on mobile data.


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