Tender in FTTH service

12th July 2021, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecom seeks ‘Third Party’ from the tender in FTTH service expansion plan in karnali.


Acronym for Fiber to the Home, FTTH connects customer premises with optical fiber instead of coaxial cable or telephone lines.

The speed that you can get with the FTTH broadband internet ranges from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps, along with IP-based voice and multimedia (IPTV video) services.

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd., popularly known as Nepal Telecom or NTC, is a state-owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal with 91.49% of the government share.

Recently, Nepal Telecom has decided to maintain the service through other companies (‘third party’) to expedite expanding internet service in Karnali.

The service Expansion Plan

A few days ago, the Karnali State Directorate invited applications through tenders from interested companies to expand Telecom’s Fiber to the Home-FTTH service.

Accordingly, the company will expedite its service expansion and maintenance in various places under Karnali province.

Shivraj Khanal, Information Officer, Karnali Pradesh Directorate, Surkhet, said that the tender was issued to improve the quality of FTTH service and speed up the maintenance work of customers’ connections.

Similarly, the company selected through the current tender will promote the sale of the service and will receive the prescribed amount from the telecom for connection and maintenance.

If a third-party company promotes the service and the customer comes through it, the company will get a certain commission.

Similarly, the selected company will be responsible for the sales promotion, connection, and maintenance of Nepal Telecom’s FTTH service in Karnali.

Complaints of untimely repairs have been received in some places, and a third company is being hired to work for the expansion and promotion of the service.

The company has to work based on certain lines set by the telecom, and the technical team is constantly monitoring it.

A technician working at the Karnali Provincial Directorate said, “Our team is outsourcing only to improve the current maintenance condition and solve the problem of the line not being built on time.

This will reduce customer complaints in the coming days.

According to the provincial directorate, while repairing the line, the work must be completed within the stipulated time, and the customer’s complaints have to be resolved.

In addition, the marketing and service promotion of FTTH services of Telecom will also have to be done.

Telecom is currently providing internet service through FTTH in the Salyan and Surkhet districts of Karnali and is preparing to expand the service to more places.

More than four thousand service recipients are getting FTTH service of Nepal Telecom in different places within Karnali state.

As per the tender, the interested companies will submit bids with a bank deposit of Rs. 250,000 till Shrawan 11.


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