28th April 2021, Kathmandu

An agreement has been signed between Nepal Investment bank and Digital Wallet recently which is extremely happy news and beneficial for the sake of all Nepalese staying in Nepal as well in Japan.

As per the agreement between the Nepal Investment Bank and Digital Wallet, Nepalese living in Japan will be able to send money to Nepal using the Smile Mobile Remittance app of digital Wallet.

The mobile app can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore for android users and Appstore for iOS users. Money sent to Prithivi Remit through Smile Remittance can be instantly credited to any bank account in Nepal.

The amount sent from Japan can be received instantly from more than 10,000 payment counters of Nepal Investment Bank’s remittance service Prithivi Remit spread across the country. This agreement will help both the people living in Japan as well as in Nepal. It would be more beneficial for the people of Nepal who must stay in a long queue of remittances for their money.


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