Cybersource Internet Payment Gateway

21 Feb 2021, Kathmandu

A CyberSource Internet Payment Gateway (card-based online payment gateway system) operated by NIC Asia Bank is to be rolled out to general entrepreneurs by a Fintech company called Gateway Payment Services.

FinTech, which has obtained permission from Nepal Rastra Bank to provide services and facilities to payment system operators, has taken over the task of supplying cyber source businessmen with a foreign gateway provider.

The bank believes that the gateway system would make the simple digital payment system in Nepal successful. This will make it possible for interested traders to operate the system for collecting payments via cards provided by any national or international bank.

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The e-source gateway system used in various countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa, including the USA, China, and India, is renowned worldwide for its high success rate and seamless payment. Through this facility, various traders in the country will be able to develop business relationships with a large number of national and international card users and receive payments directly to their NIC Asia Bank account.

The partnership will also help to establish a payment system in Nepal with Visa MasterCard, UnionPay, and other cards, and will seek to make Nepal’s entrepreneurs self-reliant by helping them easily sell their goods and services on the international market.

It is hoped that the partnership between the bank and Fintech would help to extend the scope of digital banking to the general public in the coming days by partnering with other Fintech companies in the region.

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