Two SIM Cards

6th July 2020, Kathmandu

Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has instructed the service providers not to issue more than two SIM cards in the name of a single person.

The NTA board made this decision and gave instructions to all the five mobile service providers in Nepal on Sunday.

This means if you have more than two SIM cards from the same service provider in your name, you have to disable the ones that you don’t use. Or, your service provider could also transfer the name to another person on your request.

How can this help?

It is believed that NTA has taken this decision to minimize the misuse of additional SIM cards registered to the same person.

Furthermore, most financial transactions these days verify identity using the SIM card (phone number). For example, your eSewa ID is often your own mobile number.

Likewise, banking card, mobile banking, and other systems also rely on SIM card to operate.

How does NTA expect Users to Cooperate?

Firstly, this provision is also applicable to old SIM cards. The respective operators will assign a time limit for old users and instruct them to transfer the registered name to another person.

That is, in case the user has more than two SIM cards from the same operator in their name.

Moreover, minors will only get one SIM card for which, the parental guarantee is necessary. The operators shall verify the parental relationship on the basis of necessary documents.

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NTA can impose a maximum fine of up to Rs. 50,000 as per Sub-Section 1 of Section 28 of the Telecommunications Act, 2053 BS if operators don’t comply.

Nepal Telecom can Sell Additional SIM Cards

According to the new directive, mobile operators can’t sell more than two SIM cards per person, either postpaid or prepaid.

However, Nepal Telecom can sell additional CDMA SIM cards. This means that two SIM cards will be issued for GSM service and one more SIM for CDMA service.

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