IT Lab Teachers

2nd April 2021, Kathmandu

We are in the age of technology. Many things now can be done easily that we didn’t expect before. This is all thanks to Information Technology (IT). For this, NTA has started a training program of IT labs for community school teachers.

The Nepal Telecom Authority has begun a training program for teachers of Information Technology (IT) Labs in community schools.

NTA has asked that the teachers of the schools where the laboratory has been set up in compliance with the requirements participate in the training.

On Wednesday, the NTA released a notice encouraging people to attend the three-day training.

According to the details, two staff and teachers from each school where the laboratory is established will be able to participate in the training. The NTA has named this training ‘Training of Trainers.’

The training has begun, according to NTA Assistant Spokesperson Achyuta Nanda Mishra.

‘Training for teachers in every school with IT Labs in Province No. 2 has begun. “This program will happen throughout the country,” he said. He said that the training will last until Baisakh 17, 2078.

NTA has moved ahead with the selection of a joint venture of three Nepali firms to execute the Rs 3.47 billion IT Lab project.

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