PM Cup Nepal

19 Janaury 2021, Kathmandu

Bagmati and Gandaki have won the Prime Minister’s Cup ODI cricket tournament.

Bagmati defeated Far-Western Pradesh by 180 runs in a match played at the Tribhuvan Cricket Ground, Kirtipur.

In Group B, Bagmati won the second match in a row. Chasing the 300 runs given by Bagmati, Sudurpaschim was all out for 119 runs in 21 overs.

Narayan Joshi added 44 not out for Far West. He hit 1 four and 5 sixes in 29 balls.

Before that, Arjun Saud added 31 runs, and Kiran Thagunna added 24 runs. The other batsmen were out without adding a run in the double digits.

Far West lost three wickets in the first over. All three wickets were taken by Ram Naresh Giri of Bagmati. Giri, who took 4 wickets overall, scored 32 runs in 5 overs. Nandan Yadav took 2 wickets.

Earlier, batting first, Bagmati added 299 runs for the loss of 9 wickets. Prithu Baskota added 84 runs for Bagmati. He hit 10 fours and 2 sixes in 94 balls.

Adil Khan added 63 runs while Paras Khadka was dismissed for 20 runs. Captain Gyanendra Malla added 32 runs and Bipin Archay added 32 runs.

In bowling, Far West’s Narayan Joshi took 3 wickets. Bhojraj Bhatt and captain Santosh Bhatt took 2-2 wickets.

Gandaki defeated State 1 by 2 wickets in the Group A match played at Mulpani Maidan. Gandaki completed the target of 103 runs set by State 1 by 8 wickets in 37 overs. Arjun Kumal contributed 35 runs for Gandaki.

He hit 5 fours in 68 balls. Deepak Dumre added 35 runs while Abhishek Thapa added 13 not out.

In bowling, Shubhankar Urao and Minas Thapa of State 1 took 1-1 wicket.

Before that, State 1 was all out for 102 runs while batting poorly. Vishal Poudel of Gandaki scored a hat trick in the process of reducing Province 1 to cheap.

He took the last 3 wickets of State 1 in a row. In 27.2 overs, Poudel dismissed Rajan Magar of State 1 for 4 runs.

He caught Magar from Rahul Upadhyay. In 27.3 overs, Poudel took the second wicket in a row and caught Manoj Tamang of Gandaki in LBW.

In 27.4 overs, Hemant Rai was also trapped by LBW and Poudel completed a hat trick.

He has become the first player to take a huge hat-trick in the ongoing competition.

Poudel took four wickets including a hat-trick. He scored 25 runs in 6.4 overs.

Subash Bhandari of Gandaki also took 4 wickets while Bipin Khatri took 2 wickets.

Captain Siddhant Lohani was the top scorer for State 1 with 24 runs. Opener Minas Thapa scored 22 runs.


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