Rumsan Money

8th June 2021, Kathmandu

Rumsan Group of Companies is pleased to announce the launch of our new financial product- Rumsan Money.

Searching and finding the right loan and insurance is a cumbersome and confusing process.

Rumsan Money is a solution-focused to solve this problem. It is a fintech product that enables folks in need of loan or insurance to concurrently compare banking and insurance products such as interest rates, home loans, life insurance policies among multiple banks and insurance companies in Nepal. Thus, it will help customers to make informed decisions. Customers can also directly apply to open accounts for deposits or loans, including submitting and verifying KYC documents making the whole process seamless.

Today as the financial sector is progressing towards a digital world in the global market, we can’t ignore the fact that the market has experienced a crisis for over a year due to the pandemic, which has also aggressively led to digitization in the finance sector. The pandemic has made visiting banks and companies in person a challenging process. We aim to reduce these visits, keeping customers and staff safe while also ensuring that customers have the opportunity to sign up for the right product that fits their needs.

Rumsan Money can also help banks and insurance companies to generate new leads. As leads turn into customers, they can significantly cut the cost of onboarding through our AI and blockchain-powered Rumsan KYC platform.

Rumsan Group of Companies

Rumsan is a blockchain-focused digital innovation company. We envision creating social impact through frontier technologies. We support and invest in promising ideas and innovators to make a bigger impact. We specialize in digital solutions for agriculture, education, finance, healthcare, media, and development.


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