Bank link Khalti

8th June 2021, Kathmandu

Khalti Digital Wallet has started offering a bonus of Rs. 100 for anyone who links their bank account to Khalti. This offer has been launched to encourage direct and hassle-free payments from Khalti in the midst of a pandemic.

Using the Khalti Bank Direct service, users who link their bank account to Khalti for the first time are eligible for this boAs a result, one. One can link their bank safely from home. In addition to this, users can make direct payments and bank transfers without loading funds to Khalti within a few seconds. This will allow everyone to make hassle-free payment of electricity, water, internet, revenue, and other available services within a few minutes.

Regarding the offer, Khalti Digital Wallet’s Brand and Marketing Manager, Mr. Sirish Shrestha, shared, “Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, we have brought bonus offer to encourage the use of this convenient service. This service will help get rid of the hassle of loading funds time and again once the bank is linked to Khalti. This service has been the most favorite and convenient service of our users.

In three simple steps, anyone can link their bank account to Khalti. They have to tap on “Khalti Bank Direct” on its home screen and select bank account. And, enter all the necessary details & click on the “Submit” button. Then, Khalti sends OTP to users’ registered mobile. By entering the received OTP code, the bank account can be linked to Khalti successfully.


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