Nirman Khadka

21st October 2022, Kathmandu

Nirman Khadka journey of Huawei Seeds for the Future 2022

“I applied to Huawei seeds for the future expecting that I will get the unique learning experience to learn about different kinds of technologies and to learn about how an idea can change the world by making this world a better place to live.

As I had a strong hunger to learn new things and implement them in real-life every time, finally I had been selected as one of the top 7 students from Nepal for the Huawei seeds for the future 2022 happened at Thailand, later we also got the opportunity to go to Singapore for the accelerator camp as we were selected as one of the top 6 winners of tech4good competition. From the beginning of the journey, we faced lots of challenges to be in the program.

And also we were enjoying the unique learning environment that I was expecting. Every session there was so productive and important. Everything was been taught so nicely and implemented immediately in the real project. The teaching way to us was so practical. We had learned everything doing that practically.

This type of experience was so unique and new for me. I wouldn’t forget anything that I had learned there because we had been taught in such a way that these things wouldn’t be erased easily. We learned the overview of trending technologies, worked with ideas that can change the world by making this world a better place to live and discussed lots of challenges that the world is facing, and lots of things about entrepreneurship and leadership.

Also, we met with like-minded people from completely different geographical areas with their own uniqueness, and values. We got the opportunity of sharing culture, love, and learnings with each other, and also we made a strong bond with other international friends. We have shared our love, our values, and our bond with each other for making this world an umbrella.

The moment was so memorable and productive. I am really missing the moments that we had spent during that journey. I am really thankful to all the participants for making this moment so wonderful and memorable.

Special thanks to Huawei and the ASEAN Foundation for organizing such type of social responsibility project. And also thanks to Huawei seeds for the future OCs. Thank you so much for changing our life by providing such a unique and productive learning environment. I got much more than I had expected from this 16 days long program.

I am feeling as I have just graduated from a top university in the world.”

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