Himalayan Bank Swift Code

28th August 2020, Kathmandu

Himalayan Bank Limited is one of the leading banking institutions in the country recognized by Nepal Rastra Bank. It was established in 1993 as a joint venture with a Pakistani Bank named Habib Bank Limited. The vision of the bank is to become the Leading Bank of the country by providing premium services to the customers. Despite all the competition in the market, the bank has been able to maintain its niche of its own throughout the years. For now, let’s talk about the Swift code of Himalayan Bank Limited and discuss it below.

What is SWIFT Code?

Swift Code, also known as BIC[Bank Identifier Code] is the international code given to the banks so that they can be identified worldwide. The major use of SWIFT code is when you want to send/transfer money internationally.


The SWIFT code can either have 8 or 11 characters.

AAAA BB CC (123)

Here, the first 4 characters mean the Bank’s name, the next 2 characters represent the country, the next 2 characters stand for the city where the bank is located. The last 3 characters represent the branch which is optional.

Swift code of Himalayan Bank:

Swift Code: HIMANPKA

Corporate Office: HBL Corporate Office, Kamaladi Kathmandu

City: Kathmandu

Country: Nepal

For any sort of queries, please visit the bank’s website by clicking here. Similarly, any branches of the bank throughout the country will address your inconvenience if any.

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