WorldLink Internet Service Number
WorldLink Internet Service Number

2nd July 2021, Kathmandu

WorldLink Communications Ltd., the largest ISP in Nepal, serves 500,000 households on 1st July 2021. There is no better time to achieve this feat but in the silver jubilee year of WorldLink’s service.

WorldLink services started with a simple email service over dialup connectivity by founder Director and Chairman Mr. Dileep Agrawal in the year 1995.

Over the years, the organization had traversed many a difficult path experimenting with technology like VSAT, Wireless technology, Cable Internet, and then FTTH in 2014 to serve the broadband market in Nepal.

The journey was not smooth but with difficult regulations from time to time; however, with the grit and determination of all the 3 Board Directors, Mr. Dileep Agrawal, Mr. Manoj Agrawal, Late Mr. Bijay Jalan, WorldLink inched steadily towards customer growth with the expansion of network and focus on customer service.

Walking with the vision to connect everyone, anywhere, WorldLink connected difficult and remote areas like Karnali, Phokshundo lake and with the same spirit is going and connecting the interiors of Nepal continuously now and in the coming years.

WorldLink’s Chairman, Mr. Dileep Agrawal, accredits the entire milestone achievement to the trust and support of the customers. He said, “ Today is a proud moment for the entire WorldLink family as we become a large family of 500000 households.

This has only happened because of the unrelenting support of our customers, who have extended their understanding, support, and trust to us in difficult and trying times and stayed with us. Their faith, their appreciation had been the only fuel that propelled us to move forward from one goal post to another and thus has come so far.

I would also like to thank all employees for their dedicated hard work to serve our customers. I would also like to remind them of the huge responsibility we carry on our shoulders to make this big family of 5 lac customers happy and satisfied with our service. Every one of us needs to striver harder and focus on continuously improving customer service and service quality.

I also humbly request every customer to continue their support and faith in us to grow into a larger family in the years to come. WorldLink is the largest ISP in Nepal, also has the responsibility to bring state-of-the-art technology, innovation in products, better customer servicing benchmark, and a lot more on which we are continuously working. “

WorldLink is a retail internet service provider and an Enterprise Solutions Provider with a huge depth in Enterprise solutions.

Also, WorldLink provides complimentary IPTV services to its customers under the brand name NETTV. Keeping in mind, better value offering to customers, WorldLink has also built up more than 11500 Wi-Fi hotspots across Nepal through which customers can get unlimited wi-fi internet outside their house.

Not only that, non-WorldLink customers can get FREE internet from these wi-fi hotspots. More than 1.5 lakh customers daily use this facility in Nepal. WorldLink continues to work on its mission to enrich the lives of its customers through better world-class service.


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