Mobile Data Usage

20th June 2021, Kathmandu

Enjoy The Following Tips If You Face a Problem of Loss of Mobile Data. Smartphones are the most essential thing these days. Speaking in today’s context life is incomplete without a smartphone.

This is the era of Corona. Most of the sectors have gone online for the services. The works the outside can also be done through a smartphone staying indoors.

Whether it’s for entertainment or for information, shopping or money transactions, everyone needs the help of the Internet.

For this, everyone wants to save their mobile data. But many times people face the problem of mobile data loss. Despite using them carefully, they do not know where and how their data lost.

Most importantly, mobile data is money. If you do not optimize your phone intelligently, you are throwing all your money.

So here are some ways to save mobile data. You can reduce this problem to a great extent by following these topics:

Do not open multiple apps at once

Many times we open several apps one after the other. But when using only one app. Because of this, a lot of data is being spent together.

Not only that, these apps remain open in the background even if we don’t use them on mobile which you don’t even pay attention to.

So when you open any app, don’t forget to close the rest of the apps. Also, when you do not use mobile, click Clear or Close All Apps. This will save you a lot of data.

Do not use online games and videos

Too often many people start watching movies and playing games online. This causes your mobile data to run out more and faster.

So when you like to watch or listen, download songs, movies, or games first and then entertain yourself. It will cost all the data at once

With these, you can also take your entertainment offline. Similarly, it is not necessary to send data every day for songs and games.

Turn off auto-update and auto-download settings

Many times you have seen that whatever pictures or videos come up on WhatsApp, they start downloading automatically.

The same thing happens with many other apps. Additionally, when a new version of the app arrives, it automatically updates.

It also costs a lot of mobile data. So go to your WhatsApp and mobile settings and turn off auto download and auto-update settings and download those things when needed.

Do not call apps for free

The free calling feature is provided in many apps. It’s okay to use it sometimes for international calling, but often it should be kept away for local calls as it consumes mobile data faster.

So avoid using the free calling feature in any app.

Put YouTube on a mobile data diet

While we’re on the subject of streaming, open up the YouTube app and look in the “General” section of its settings.

There, you’ll find an option to “Limit mobile data usage.” Activate it, and the app will use a lower-quality and thus less data-intensive stream whenever you’re on a mobile network.

Put the Play Store on notice

App updates are great! They’re also, however, often large — and if you aren’t careful, they can use an awful lot of your mobile data allotment.

Make sure that isn’t happening by opening up the Play Store on your phone, finding its settings, and ensuring the “Auto-update apps” option is set to “Wi-Fi only.”


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